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Our Story

The brave goose in question was the sole survivor of a flock put into the vineyard to repel cockatoos and foxes.

As its name suggests, the Brave Goose Vineyard has pushed boundaries of conventional grape growing and winemaking for more than 30 years.  The Brave Goose vines were planted in 1988 by former chairman of the Grape & Wine Research and Development Corporation, Dr John Stocker and wife Joanne, after purchasing land on the inside of the Great Dividing Range, near Tallarook Ranges.

Two decades on, the reins were handed to daughter and critically acclaimed winemaker, Nina Stocker, and husband, John Day. Together they work on the family's historic property, Glendoxey, managing the home vineyard, growing Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Viognier and Gamay. Nina currently crafts wine for eight labels that are exported to Europe and across Australia.   


The Winemaker

Nina Stocker

Taking inspiration from her experience as a winemaker in France, Italy, Portugal and New Zealand, Nina’s authentic approach to winemaking celebrates wines with precision, balance and drinkability.

Brave Goose’s chief winemaker has eight labels exported across Australia and the United Kingdom and is a respected winemaker in the region with international recognition.

Along with her husband and business partner, John Day, Nina lives on the young family’s central Victorian property, known as Glendoxey, where they grow Shiraz, Viognier, Cabernet, Merlot and Gamay.

A shining example of today’s female winemaking talent, Nina has made wine for brands all over the world – from the Rhône Valley to Yarra, McLaren Vale to Marlborough, Central Otago to Barolo.

This experience has defined her unpretentious approach to winemaking, where science is fallible, and her focus is on responding and adapting to the natural environmental elements. A simple formula where great wine comes from growing great grapes.

"I don’t ever follow a ‘recipe’ for making wines. Although I have a science background, I have always preferred to make wines in a more organic way – by taste, smell and feel. 

I like wines that are expressive of where they come from, wines that have balance, complexity and elegance, so that is what I strive to make. 

The Winemaker

The Grower 

John Day

John’s commitment to sustainable production has roots as deep as Glendoxey Vineyard’s decades-old vines.

The wine and life partner of Nina Stocker, John's talents lie in the vineyard and Devon cattle stud, where he values regenerative farming methods with minimal intervention.  

His commitment to improving the land for future generations is governed by sustainable, holistic and ethical philosophy, avoiding the use of synthetic herbicides and pesticides in management of the vineyard.

John’s experience working in vineyards in Europe, New Zealand and across Australia has inspired a focus on reducing synthetic inputs in vineyards and the winemaking process.

The low intervention methods and natural growing practices are at the forefront of Brave Goose Vineyard and result in seriously premium wine

"It is about where the grapes are grown - the environment, the soil and sub-soil, the orientation of the vines and the climate - this is what defines a wine’s identity. It's these unique qualities of soil that reveals authentic wine. 

The Grower
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